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About the Company

VTeam Financial Service Group is founded in 1998, and provides Supply Chain Finance, Factoring, A/R Finance, e-Loan, leasing…etc. to banks and financial service providers in Greater China. We are proud to be one of the best financial solution provider, and the leading brand with highest market share in Greater China.
There are nearly 40 branches over China and Taiwan in order to provide high-quality professional services and instant assistance for our premium clients.

Media Coverage


VTeam Financial Service Group (“VTeam Group”), a leading company in the financial servicessector in China and Asia Pacific, won approval from China regulator to issue a RMB20 Billion Asset-Backed Notes(“ABN”) for a fortuneglobal500 company, China Mobile Communications Group Co.,Ltd.(China Mobile)in May 2021.This is the largest ABN issuance in Chinese Telecom history. In accordance with this issuance, VTeam Group shows its ambition of beinga global financialinstitution by advertising in New York Times Square.


COVID-19 epidemic hits the whole world in 2020, it is interrupting the routine operation of various industries and disrupting all people’s daily lives. VTeam Financial Services Group (hereinafter referred to as VTeam Group), the pioneer in the Fintech financial technology field, have already made sufficient preparations under the aforesaid circumstance, the operation of the enterprise is still unaffected as usual even we have to face the special period of staying at home.


“Movable Asset Financing for SMEs” is hold by Central Bank of Myanmar and International Finance Corporation, and supported by FCI at Novotel Hotel on March 6th, 2018. Mr. Kheng Leong Lee, FCI Aisa Chapter Director, and Joyce Yang, Vice President of VTeam Financial Service Group attended this meeting together.

VTeam News


On the afternoon of July 2nd, a signing ceremony was held at the Taipei office of VTeam Financial Services Group (VTeam Group), lead by Chairman Wen Typhoon, signed a cooperation agreement with Titan stone group, the first Taiwan-funded insurance company approved to establish in Cambodia. This ceremony had a declared meaning that announced the various possibilities for common development in the future, and hoped that each would use its resource advantages to provide the best financial service solutions for customers in local and other countries.


VTeam Financial Services Group(VTeam Group) is proud of the contributions of its efforts. A new technology with asset certification authorization inquiry, method, system, electronic device, and computer-readable storage medium for, which is the tenth patent for multi-countries we have successfully applied for. The invention can realize the automation of data transmission, make the data query more efficient and intelligent, at the same time, it effectively reduces the risk of data tampering. This patent is an effective practice for VTeam Group to promote technological innovation and technological innovation, and effectively enhances the financial risk management capabilities of the Supply Finance Chain.


On May 29th, VTeam Financial Services Group (hereinafter referred to as VTeam Group) Taipei Office held Enterprise Overseas Financing Service Platform (overseas Financial Platform) successfully and signed a Cooperation Agreement by and between STRONGHOLD TRUSTEE CO.,LTD.(STRONGHOLD). The General Manager, Mr. Lin Zhisheng, Executive Director -Mr. Chen Qingjing of STRONGHOLD, the Chairman of VTeam Group, Mr. Typhoon Wen, CEO-Mr. Mike Chang, Vice General Manager of International Business Division, Mr. Thomas Chen, Director of International Business Division, Missz Zeng Xinyi, and other relevant persons attended to the signing ceremony.