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About the Company

VTeam Financial Service Group is founded in 1998, and provides Supply Chain Finance, Factoring, A/R Finance, e-Loan, leasing…etc. to banks and financial service providers in Greater China. We are proud to be one of the best financial solution provider, and the leading brand with highest market share in Greater China.
There are nearly 40 branches over China and Taiwan in order to provide high-quality professional services and instant assistance for our premium clients.

Media Coverage


“Movable Asset Financing for SMEs” is hold by Central Bank of Myanmar and International Finance Corporation, and supported by FCI at Novotel Hotel on March 6th, 2018. Mr. Kheng Leong Lee, FCI Aisa Chapter Director, and Joyce Yang, Vice President of VTeam Financial Service Group attended this meeting together.


“FinTech”, as a popular vocabulary in the finance industry in recent years, attracts many corporations to devote in it. However, VTeam Financial Service Group has been set the foundation and developed since 20 years ago. The extraordinary product is FinTech service platform, which is a turnkey of Account Receivable solution. Thanks to Dr. Typhoon Wen, the founder and Chairman of VTeam Financial Service Group, VTeam Group has become an innovative leading brand of Account Receivable and Supply Chain Finance, and its profit grows multiple these years. Dr. Wen is honored to won “Alliance Strategist Emerging Entrepreneur of The Year” from Ernst & Young.


“EY Entrepreneur of The Year”, recognized as the Olympic prize of Entrepreneurs, was held 2017 entrepreneur ceremony in Mandarin Oriental, Taipei. (Excerpt from China Times.)

VTeam News


At the beginning of the year 2020, for strongly supports the Ministry of Education, VTeam Financial Services Group (VTeam Group) promotes the study visit plan of teachers in-depth practical. From 6 to 8 of January, VTeam assisted in providing a three-day study course to teachers: "108 Teachers' Deep Practice Study Program-FinTech's Internet of Things, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence" under the organizer of the School of Business Administration of LingTung University.


The Developing a Movable Asset Finance Market in the Philippines and APEC Economies was held on the date of Sixth of December, 2019 in Manila, the Capital City of Philippines. The subject of the said forum was popularize movable asset financing and push forward the development of Supply Chain Finance of small and medium enterprises in Philippines and Asia Area. Movable Asset Financing is a hot topic in Philippines recently, this forum attracted a lot of representatives from various banks and finance institution, the response in the spot was very enthusiastic.


After the six patents with risk control management technology, VTeam Group( VTeam) has good news again, the first application for patent certification in China has been successfully taken! Furthermore, it highlights VTeam's innovation level and comprehensive competitiveness in the field of supply chain finance. The patent VTeam successfully applied is a data query method and system for identity authentication and authorization certificate, which is the invention can obtain more real data and make the data query more efficient and intelligent. The acquisition of this patent is the result of VTeam's long-term commitment to promote technological creation and innovation, it has effectively enhanced the ability of supply chain financial risk management.