Media Reports



COVID-19 epidemic hits the whole world in 2020, it is interrupting the routine operation of various industries and disrupting all people’s daily lives. VTeam Financial Services Group (hereinafter referred to as VTeam Group), the pioneer in the Fintech financial technology field, have already made sufficient preparations under the aforesaid circumstance, the operation of the enterprise is still unaffected as usual even we have to face the special period of staying at home.



“FinTech”, as a popular vocabulary in the finance industry in recent years, attracts many corporations to devote in it. However, VTeam Financial Service Group has been set the foundation and developed since 20 years ago. The extraordinary product is FinTech service platform, which is a turnkey of Account Receivable solution. Thanks to Dr. Typhoon Wen, the founder and Chairman of VTeam Financial Service Group, VTeam Group has become an innovative leading brand of Account Receivable and Supply Chain Finance, and its profit grows multiple these years. Dr. Wen is honored to won “Alliance Strategist Emerging Entrepreneur of The Year” from Ernst & Young.



Dr. Typhoon Wen is honored to be invited by Taiwan Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Forum, to share innovative fruits in Fintech area. By continually pursuing innovation and expanding service dimensions,Dr. Wen successfully extends technology services to Supply Chain Finance, investing and financing platform settlement, and operation services. The service targets contains not only finance institution buy also SMEs and agriculture financing.